Meat Free Day

Meat Free Day!

Why we need a meat-free day?

Maybe you heard of the “Meatless Monday” concept, or maybe you never heard about this before and ponder “Have a day without meat? How crazy is this!”. But “Meatless Monday” is a growing concept, supported by millions of people around the world. The supporters of these concepts say a lot of things about the benefits for your health and the planet. If you never heard about having one meatless day, you should read this article and learn more about the great things that follow this. If already heard about it come with me to reinforce this idea!

Perhaps you have a lot of meals with meat, from breakfast to dinner, and for you, to have this type of food in your meals is very essential. Okay, I know, meat is a good protein source and you probably think “I need this for my muscles”, but you can have a full meal with others sources of proteins like milk or eggs. And I’m not trying to force you to cut off meat forever and become a vegan. The idea of this article is to show you, specifically the benefits of one meatless day in a week. So no need to worry!

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A meatless day once a week can make a big difference for your health, but you need to have in mind that it’s not just taking out the meat from your regular meals but replacing them with alternatives sources of protein besides meat, you need to have a quality meal. If you search for vegetarian recipes, you’ll find a lot of nutritional options that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Your heart will be grateful

Meat has a high value in saturated fat. If you eat a high quantity of meat and don’t have a balanced meal, it can elevate the risks of heart disease. On the other hand, vegetables, grains, and fruits are low in fat and have no saturated fat. Great for a healthy heart, and this type of food a great option for a healthy life in general. If you include more of this food into your meals and eat less meat you already work with preventing heart diseases. So, your heart appreciates it.

As we know people who have a meal with the lower amount of meat and more grains, vegetables, and fruits have a lower risk to develop high cholesterol and as consequence, their heart is healthier. So, having a meat-free day can be a start of a good habit in your life.

And for help you to started this new journey I’ll share with you a delicious recipe for free meat: Smoothie Bowl

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Reduced risk of cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund recommends we “choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and avoid processed meat”. In a study carried out by Oxford University, in 2010, the department of public health found that eating meat no more than three times a week could prevent 9,000 deaths from cancer a year.

So, we can see can by this study diet high in red meat increase the risk of colon cancer and a diet higher in fruits and veggies helps protect you against cancer. Because of that vegans have significantly lower rates of cancer than meat-eaters, even when controlling for non-dietary factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and family history of cancer. Just skipping the meat one day a week helps you form healthy habits that help you lower your cancer risk.

You’re probably thinking “Okay! Maybe I’ll starting my one meatless day now but vegans or vegetarian foods do not taste good!”. Well I’m here to tell you that: changing habits is not easy, so begin with something you like to eat and don’t have meat, like eggs, pancakes, pasta

And I’ll give you another recipe to inspire: Pasta with Roasted Peppers and Marcona Almonds

More nutrients, minerals, and fiber in your diet

If you have one day you without meat you need including other foods into your diet, maybe you don’t consider these types of food, more vegetables. By making this little change you will be including more nutrients, minerals, and fiber into your diet. So day by day, week by week, these changes will not only give you more natural nutrients and minerals and increased fiber, which making you healthier, but will reduce the amount of man-made, high-saturated, chemical-filled meat you eat. So for the long term, you will have a lot of benefits.

Maybe on these days that you eat meatlessly, try some vegetarian recipes that are tasty to you. You can pamper yourself with a new cookbook, maybe follow some vegetarian food bloggers on Instagram to get inspired – the Diet Mango website is full of wonderful source recipes to inspire you. Vegan foods are becoming more and more delicious too – yes, you can still eat things like ice cream. This is because when the demand for vegan food skyrockets, companies are launching more and more delicious vegan meats and non-dairy foods that have all the flavor of real food, but low to no cholesterol.

But most importantly reduces animals that are raised to be slaughtered to be turned into our meals.

One more recipe for you: Bean Salad Vegan

Author: Camila Saad (Nutritionist)

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