Beat the Heat with these Summer Recipes!

Summers are almost here, and it’s time we start preparing for the scorching heat and stay hydrated. The smartest way to keep diseases at bay is choosing fresh and seasonal produce. However, many of us turn to unhealthy foods such as mojitos, aerated drinks and frozen cocktails, leaving us bloated. Thus, here we are, with some easy and healthy summer coolants, to keep you fresh and hydrated.

Photo by Idina Risk from Pexels

Raw Mango Coolant

One of the most relished foods during the summer holidays, Aam Panna (Raw Mango Drink) does not only refresh the palette but also offer several health benefits. It helps to prevent dehydration by correcting sodium and other mineral imbalances in the body and hence is a great summer coolant. Also, it helps to improve digestion, boost immunity, promote liver health, helps in lowering cholesterol and helps to treat scurvy (being rich in Vitamin C).

Roasted Gram Flour Drink

Chana Sattu is an inexpensive gram flour commonly available in grocery stores. This vegan and gluten-free flour is extremely nutritious, and can be easily incorporated in numerous recipes. Sattu is a cooling food, helps provide relief during summers, and is a great source of protein (100g of this flour contains 20% protein!). It helps to cleanse the colon, ease constipation, and bloating, improve skin glow and increase energy levels. It can also be consumed by diabetics being low in glycemic index.

Coconut Water

The delicate sweetness and fresh taste of this drink make it the best way to escape the scorching heat. It is a great beverage to replenish the lost electrolytes due to sweating. The natural enzymes present in it help to provide relief from acid reflux and indigestion and helps to strengthen immunity being rich in antioxidants. Coconut water is a good source of magnesium which helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.


This cooling, nutritious, light and comforting superfood are one of the best superfoods for summer. It is not only rich in protein, but also a great source of vitamin D and calcium. Including curd in the daily routine helps to improve digestion, promote better gut health, boost immunity and maintain heart health. It is also a great mood lifter and helps to ease stress and anxiety. It is easy to improve energy levels and hydrate the body with a bowl of curd along with meals.

Black Plum

This deep purple fruit is the perfect summer companion for a sweltering, hot day. This small-sized fruit is a great source of calcium and vitamin C, helping improve bone health and immunity. It helps to regulate bowel moment, improve blood sugar levels, treat bleeding gums, and is a good blood thinner. Add it to your regular salads, smoothies, jams, juices, and make the best use of this summer fruit.

Author: Akansha Laddha (Nutritionist)